Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girl's current research project looks at female heavy vehicle driver workforce participation rates in the Australian road transport sector. Whilst there have been a number of broad studies in this field, none have focussed specifically on truck drivers but rather have looked at a range of vocations across road, rail, air and sea. This ground breaking research project looks specifically at women driving heavy vehicles.

Scheduled for release January 2016, the report seeks to create a national snapshot of the numbers of women working as heavy vehicle drivers at a given point in time, their mean age, license type, work profile and employment status.

In undertaking this research, the Organisation hopes the findings will encourage conversation around the development of strategies designed to encourage more women into the sector as a solution to looming heavy vehicle driver shortages. PHHG's focus is to work collaboratively with Industry, all levels of government, corporates, business groups and other relevant stakeholders to develop practical measures that will open industry doors to those wishing to pursue careers as heavy vehicle drivers.

Between 2010 and 2030, the national road freight task is predicted to double.