Driving a truck is the "easy" bit. Loading, assessing and securing freight in accordance with prevailing Chain of Responsibility legislation, conducting daily pre-starts, ensuring safe work practices whilst carrying oversize loads, interpreting local, intra and interstate permits, complying with fatigue legislation, ensuring a safe work environment, identifying and reporting mechanical problems, hooking up and securing trailers, building road trains, fueling up, safe on-road driving, truck radio etiquette, sharing the roads responsibly, changing tyres, maintaining log books and working with different trailer types are just some of the skills and experience professional drivers must have BEFORE being considered for work in the Australian road transport sector.

Pre-admission requirements:

  1. Heavy Vehicle License - minimum of HC but MC is preferable
  2. Compliance with PHHG's Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy - Without exception, any student found to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be summarily dismissed with no refund of any fees paid.
  3. Newly licensed drivers attending "Truckie Boot Camps" will have access to:
    • The skills, knowledge and experience of long-term professional heavy vehicle driver mentors
    • Experience in and exposure to working as a driver in the oil, gas and mining sectors
    • Classroom and on-the-job training
    • Traineeships and careers in the Australian Road Transport Sector
    • Ongoing advice, guidance and advocacy

Much of the truck work carried out by PHHG involves access to a number of Ports including Dampier - the 2nd largest bulk cargo export Port in the world. 

How do I Apply?
Please contact Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls via email admin@phhg.com.au

How do I enrol in PHHG's Truckie Boot Camps?

Once you have met the pre-admission requirements, simply email admin@phhg.com.au with a current CV and one of our team will contact you with further information to begin the application process. 

Is student accommodation available?
Yes. All out-of-town students will have access to home style accommodation with private rooms at a small cost per week.
Price on application to Company Drivers.

What are my costs?

Please email admin@phhg.com.au for current costs and requirements.

What should I bring with me?

  • ID - Driver's Licence, Passport, Birth Certificate
  • Work Boots (steel cap), Cotton Work Pants and a Hat

Karratha Weather
Mid-winter daytime temperatures generally reach round 26°C with 33°C the highest temperature recorded.
At night the average minimum temperature drops to round 13°C with 7°C the lowest temperature recorded.

Mid-summer daytime temperatures will reach round 38°C with 48°C the highest temperature recorded
At night the average minimum temperature drops to round 26°C with 21°C the lowest temperature recorded.